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 Forensic labs, law enforcement agencies, medical examiners and general laboratories are now faced with a growing back-log that requires improved automation and enterprise-wide communications in order to enhance productivity and quality.

The Forensic Advantage® Platform of modules delivers the ability to improve Case and Evidence Management, assist with secure DNA and DUI data collection while leveraging the standard yet powerful Microsoft Office platform. The platform improves individual productivity by enabling examiners to focus on delivering timely, accurate results. Forensic Advantage Systems provides powerful laboratory information management systems (LIMS) that enable a wide variety of labs manage their unique yet complex processes. The platform also helps to ensure that legislation and regulation compliance is incorporated.


  Microsoft® and Forensic Advantage® Collaborate to Deliver Forensic Solutions
Object Repository Provides Standalone and FA Platform based Secure Storage
Version 16 Platform Features and Benefits: Value Based Technology for Crime Labs and Medical Examiner Offices